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  • We offer our clients a full-featured campaign setting approach allowing them to perfectly drive their audience meeting their KPIs. All you need is to insert the target value into the relevant field while completing the campaign form and the traffic required to meet your goals will be provided.
  • Our PPC ad network interacts with Integral Ad Science that is deemed to be one of the chief specialists in the traffic quality sector. Thus, each source’s traffic on MAHA Media is to be tested by means of advanced IAS algorithms. It gives perfect opportunities: fraud free inventory, brand security, better viewability and higher viewable impressions rate. To completely derive benefit from the function, choose Audience or IAS Firewall Audience traffic. Filtering in real time is also supported by means of ComscoreandForensiq.
  • The sophisticated system of traffic filtering is boasted by our Pay-Per-Click Network. For us sources generating bot traffic oremploying spammer techniques are unacceptable. Thus, MAHA Media is a perfect option to get what you have paid for.

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MAHA Media?

Best ads at low prices

We offer the best ad solutions at competitive prices to internet entrepreneurs, agencies and marketers due to our MAHA Media that is an advanced pay-per-click network possessing a great range of top notch publishers across the web. Our company will help an advertiser to find a perfect solution to meet his/her business goals, taking into account both high performing and cost effective PPC traffic. Currently, we are able to offer you Audienc traffic (up-to-date filters applied, 100% unique clicks) with initial price of $0.003, as well as Dropped clicks traffic for at nothing but $0.0005 (no quality filters applied).


MAHA Media?

Easy, affordable, effective

The way to advertise on MAHA Media is simple, advantageous and cost effective. All you need is just register in the network, create your advertising, select the bids as per your budget and drive your daily performance on the intuitive and demonstrative dashboard. We offer the sophisticated targeting opportunitiesof our CPC advertising network: traffic sources, geo location and traffic parameters (PV, ToS, Video starts) helping our clientsto 100% customize their campaign getting higher profit and more engaged prospects. Using our up-to-date campaign management and tracking features, you will be provided with the traffic required and total control of your expenditures.

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