How do I start?

Create an account and wait for e-mail from our company possessing further instructions. Normally, it takes no more than a couple of hours before your first ads appear on your website.

How do you assign value to my traffic?

After registration on MAHA Media, your traffic will be tested by us for a while (from 10 min. to some hours) to check if it has a good quality awaited, and then set the value correspondingly. To find out more details on our traffic demands, please address our support team.

What if I don’t like the ads that you send to my website?

Please contact our managers and provide them with a list of the sources you dislike so that we can block the ads for you. To filter out special kind of traffic (for instance, gambling ads), please contact the support teamof MAHA Media to specify this from the campaign’s outset.

Are there any quality requirements for traffic?

We are steadily welcoming all publishers to launch their campaigns with REACH Network excluding those who spread spyware and malware. To guarantee proper revenues, our advertisers’ requirements should be also met. To find out more details on our traffic demands, please address our support team.

How is the payment organized? Is there the minimal payment?

Publishers of MAHA Media get paid twice per month that is called Net15 payment mode. It means that the first payment will be received 30 days after your registration; afterwards you will be paid every 15 days. Payment upon request is available for our most loyal publishers only.

The min. payment depends on the chosen method of payment. For example, $10 is for Webmoney, EPESEand Paxum, and $100 is for PayPal. Having at least $500 on your accountmeans you will be given a possibility to get a bank transfer.

How can I track my publisher performance?

You may track your publisher performance on your account that contains actual statistics on searches, average bids, clicks and CTR. Moreover, by means of your comprehensive charts you may track your profit dynamics.

Is there a referral program for publishers?

If you attract a new publisher, you will receive 8% of his/her earnings on REACH Network.

How can I contact MAHA Media managers?

Contact us by phone, e-mail or chat with us via Skype. We are available for you 24/7 any time. Please check more information at contact..




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