How do I start?

To start, just click the button Sign Up, complete the relevant fields and wait until your account is approved by our managers. Afterwards, create your campaigns, in particular, decide on your bid, prepare the advertising text and insert the landing URL. After setting up your campaign, it will take you less than an hour before you receive new visitors to your website.

How do you bring traffic to my website?

Your advertising will be placed on ad platforms with a large scale audience to meet your key performance indicators (KPIs). The audience of your website will start growing due to PPC if you place a competitive bid.

What types of traffic do you offer?

To date two types of traffic on MAHA Media are available: 1) Audience traffic (sophisticated filters applied, 100% of unique clicks) at min. $0.003; and 2) Dropped clicks (no quality filters applied) with bids at min. $0.0005. To promote any video website, it is better to give preference to the Audience traffic type and contact your account manager to get a recommendation of the optimal bid size.

What is pay per click?

The ad model works as follows: your advertising appears on a great number of our advertising platforms. You should pay for the clicks followed by your website’s visitors instead of paying for the number of times your ad reflected.

What is the bidding system and how does it work?

The costs per click are arranged due to our bidding system so that the advertiser possessing a higher bid is most probably to receive the advertisements on the publisher advertising platforms. When starting a campaign, there will be two figures available beside your bid field: one establishes the min. bid to be paid to receive the quality used by a chosen traffic type (RON, High RON and Ultra RON). The other means the average bid leading to the best possible results.

Why are your bids so low?

Most advertising platforms offered by our company are provided by the direct publishers so that there are no middlemen between them and our network. In its turn, it implies less commission share and therefore more attractive bids for our advertisers.

May I get the same visitor twice?

It depends on you. There is only one default setting for Clicks/IP parameter. Nevertheless, you may modify it if you wish to let your web visitors attend your website more than one time.

What kind of statistics do you provide?

The detailed statistics on your spendings that are filtered by all the available parameters are provided by our dashboards. For all your campaigns you may find here the actual statistics on the number of clicks, average CTR and impressions, and also average bids.

What will my ad look like?

The key specialization of MAHA Media is in text advertisements. Your ad will include an advertising title, brief advertising text and a click URL driving to your landing page.

How can I control my spendings?

It is possible to determine your spending limit per day and adjust the field called “daily spending cap”, correspondingly. If you revise opinion of your campaign, you may easily change the settings.

Does the campaign keep running when I’m out of funds?

You will not go into debts in case of forgetting to call the campaign off, because the system allows the overdraft totaling up to a couple of dollars of your budget (the system should send you some clicks out of the set limit).

How can I contact MAHA Media managers?

Contact us by phone, e-mail or chat with us via Skype. We are available for you 24/7 any time. Please check more information at contact.




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